LAS MkII Scintillometer: Atmospheric Turbulence Measurement

Easy to use and with real-time data directly from the display. The LAS MkII Scintillometer contains a built in GPS, data logger and data processing to enable stand-alone operation.

The LAS MkII measures atmospheric turbulence and can derive sensible heat fluxes over distances from 100 m to 4.5 km.


Scintillometer: Atmospheric Turbulence Measurement

Scintillometer for atmospheric turbulence measurement. The LAS MkII Scintillometer provides continuous measurements of sensible heat fluxes over path lengths from 100 m up to 4.5 km. The measurement process is very straightforward and yields fast results. Since limited power is required, in most cases a simple solar-charged battery is sufficient.

The scintillometer can be combined with a meteorological sensor kit to calculate wind speed, temperature and pressure sensors and plugs directly into the LAS MkII receiver.


Path length 100 m to 1 km (10 cm aperture), 250 m to 4.5 km (aperture 15 cm)
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 240 mm. (LxHxD) 8.5 kg
Wavelength 850 nm
Scintillation bandwidth 10e-17 to 10e-11
Power requirements LAS MkII 12 VDC, 6 W (54 W max. with heaters on)
Data processing Internal processing of Cn2, sensible heat flux and other parameters. Built-in data logger. GPS time.
Control and display Integrated display and key-pad or remote via digital interface
Interfaces Digital RS-232/422, analog output 0 to 2.4 V
Software EVATION® (instrument control and data analysis suite)