HIMAWARIcast – Antenna and Display System


Himawari-8 dissemination will take over from MTSAT in mid-2015, ushering in a new era of Mesoscale Meteorology with more channels and more frequent observations. The eTelecast HIMAWARIcast ground station can help you get ready with required new hardware and updated software to receive, process and display Himawari-8 data.

HIMAWARIcast will generate a new earth disk every 10 minutes, much more often than the current MTSAT system which generates an earth disk every 60 minutes. The HIMAWARIcast service will provide full-disk imagery with this high 10-minute observation frequency with the same number of bands and the same imagery spatial resolution as those of the MTSAT HRIT/LRIT services.

For the HIMAWARIcast Datacasting Client Software please visit our KenCast software page.

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