EDGE Radar Analysis Software from EEC


Software That Puts You In Control

Making it easy to extract, display, and interpret useful weather information in ways that you never thought possible – that’s the whole idea behind our powerful suite of weather radar control and data display software.

Powerful Tools Give You New Ways To Look At The Weather

When you take control of EEC’s display software, you have the power to easily do what you have always wanted to do: observe and interpret phenomena previously hidden within the data. Set alerts to automatically warn when certain conditions are detected. Animate and manipulate data to compare different “what-if” scenarios. Organize and retrieve all of your information through a built-in database management system. Plus many more sophisticated meteorological products.

Our software is both powerful and easy to use because, like all of our other products, it is designed and created by EEC’s own engineers. Since it interfaces seamlessly with our processors and displays, our engineers can build in the most powerful and comprehensive set of features for weather analysis possible – even include custom algorithms tuned for each radar band we manufacture. With unmatched flexibility and ease of use, an entire suite of specialized products, and seamless integration into all EEC systems, our display software puts you in control.

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