Digital piezometers – d-Piezo

YieldPoint’s d-Piezo digital piezometer integrates a MEMS transducer with a micro-controller to provide a robust digital solution for water pressure and depth monitoring. The output signal is directly in kPa(0.01kPa resolution) and degC (0.1oC resolution). The digital output string is tramsmitted as an RS485 signal, with 9600 baud rate(9600,9,n,1), and is ASCII encoded. Each instrument has a unique ID. RS485 signals tolerate wet conditions and the signals can be transmitted up to 1000m without amplification.


  • Pressure:
    • 0-1000kPa (unvented).
    • 0.01kPa resolution.
  • Resolution approximately 1mm of water over 100m range
  • Temperature:
    • -35oC to +85oC
    • 0.1oC resolution.
  • Output Signal: RS485 with transmission to data logger up to 500m over 2 x tp.
  • Temp. Range: Temp: -30oC to 85oC