Monitoring the UV Index

UV Index guideThe World Health Organisation has a program that provides guidelines for sun protection based on the UV Index.

For Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology provides a daily advice service with the estimated UV Index. The maximum UVI in winter still creeps into the moderate zone for most of Australia, meaning that some sun protection is required.

UV Index 26 May 2015

The UV Index is measured by instruments called radiometers. Kipp & Zonen, a company that manufactures the world’s highest quality solar radiation instruments, have written a short article on this topic. ESS are proud to represent their products in Australia, including the UVS-E-T UV monitoring sensor which is designed with UV Indexing in mind.

KippZonen_06-UV_Radiometers_UV-S-AB-T_001You can browse our range of Kipp & Zonen products, or use the form on this page to contact us to find out more information on solar radiation monitoring products.