DELTA T’s SPN1 Pyranometer is now available in Australia.

SPN1 pyranometer in Australia

ESS Earth Sciences are pleased to announce we now supply and support Delta T’s SPN1 pyranometer in Australia. 

Delta T is a UK company that has a reputation for innovative sensor designs and high-quality irradiance sensors. ESS is proud to offer their range within Australia. 

SPN1 complete solar irradiance sensor measure DNI, GHI, Diffuse and sunshine duration. SPN1 pyranometer in australia
SPN1 Pyranometer

What is the SPN1 Pyranometer?

The SPN1 is a unique instrument, and while we call it a pyranometer it is much, much more. In fact the SPN1 measures and calculated Diffuse Irradiance (DIF), Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) as well as sunshine duration. The SPN1 is a pyranometer (with and without shadow ring), pyrheliometer and sunshine duration sensor all wrapped up in one compact instrument.

How the SPN1 it work?

The SPN1 has a two key design features which allow it to measure and calculate so many parameters.

SPN1 complete solar irradiance sensor measure DNI, GHI, Diffuse and sunshine duration

Firstly, the SPN1 has an array of 7 thermopile sensors. Secondly, its cut glass dome features a specially designed shadow mask designed to shade some sensors from the sun. Together, these features allow the measurement of the correct parameters. The shadow mask pattern’s design puts at least one thermopile sensor is in full sunlight, and another in complete shade. From these measurements it is possible to calculate DNI.

Where can I use an SPN1?

The SPN1 can be used anywhere a standard pyranometer, pyrheliometer or sunshine duration recorder is used. Whether you are wanting to install one to monitor a PV or concentrated solar farm or if you want accurate data for meteorological studies, the SPN1 is the ideal choice. The SPN1 requires no weekly adjustments and comes with a heated dome. As such, the SPN1 is ideal for environmental monitoring in remote locations where frequently adjusting a shadow ring or clearing frost/dew would prove problematic.

How can I purchase a SPN1 in Australia or New Zealand?

From ESS Earth Sciences

Contact us directly through the web form on the right. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 4 business hours. You can call an office number but many of our staff are working from home at the moment so we may not always answer.

Delta T have made a highly informative video on the SPN1 sunshine pyranometer. See below: