SMA Strong Motion Accelerograph

Perfect for structural health monitoring, the Gecko SMA is our all-in-one strong motion triaxial (East-West, North-South, Up-Down) accelerograph combining user-friendliness with the reliability and simplicity of a MEMS accelerometer, available in ±2g, ±5g, ±10g, and higher full scale ranges, all the way up to ±400g. Data storage is simple and continuous, streamed onto an SD card in MiniSEED format, organised into year/month/day/hour folders, easily browsed on any PC. Installation is equally simple – a bolt goes right through the middle of the SMA! The rock anchor, drill bit/punch, and lock nut needed to mount the threaded rod into the ground is included.


The standard LCD and keypad offers full configuration without the need for a PC in the field. The Gecko SMA draws around 1W of power, so a lead-acid battery of similar size to a car battery will provide about a month of backup power. All Gecko models have dual alarm outputs, and an external Ethernet adaptor or 3G modem is available, allowing you to send data files to a remote PC. This PC would run our included software, Live Stream, which will archive and display data sent from the Gecko on screen, and will also send out email alerts based on user set thresholds.

The low cost Gecko SMA uses MEMS technology accelerometers that are designed to detect large levels of ground motion that may cause structural damage. A magnitude 2.0 earthquake at 100km range might not be visible on a MEMS accelerometer, but with full scale ranges ±2g, ±5g and higher available you are certain to detect very large nearby events. Although the MEMS accelerometers are over 300 times noisier than the feedback accelerometer in the Gecko SMA-HR, they are only about 3 times noisier than a standard geophone but with a much greater full scale range, so the SMA can be used for near-field blast monitoring.

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