Weather Balloons

ESS Earth Sciences are proud to be Australian distributors for the TOTEX range of weather balloons.

  • TA Type Balloons for meteorological release
  • Natural rubber latex
  • High elasticity and tear resistance
  • TX Type Balloons for higher altitudes 
  • Balloons between 20gm to 3000gm 
  • Parachutes available
  • AB Type Balloons for display purposes


ESS Weathertech is the authorised exclusive distributor of the world’s best weather balloons from TOTEX Corporation in Japan. TOTEX commenced the manufacturing of meteorological balloons in 1937. The company devised the mould rotation system of manufacturing meteorological balloons in 1940 and continues to manufacture its products today employing the same process. The mould containing the latex mixture is rotated to form multilayered and extremely thin film to produce a strong and uniform thickness and also form maximum performance balloons. The system is prominent in producing quality balloons, although it calls for an increase of production cost.

TOTEX’s air conditioned factory is equipped with highly automated production lines. Skilled engineers and workers have accumulated years of experience and are thoroughly versed in production engineering. They are dedicated to maintaining total quality control (TQC) in the manufacturing of balloons and achieve the highest degree of production efficiency which sustains a constant quality to ensure maximum product performance.

The most distinguished policy characteristic of TOTEX lies in the fact that the company confines its manufacturing to order production. Each of the balloons at every stage of production is under close quality controls and severe inspection, and from every production lot, samples are selected at random and subjected to bursting tests prior to shipment.