Hydraulic Fracturing System – Mini Frac

Portable Miniature Hydraulic Fracturing System


The ESS Minifrac system is a low cost Hydraulic Fracturing tool for determining stress in applications where a quick biaxial stress measurement is needed. This fully self-contained system is extremely transportable and the world’s smallest and lightest unit on the market. The system features a simple modular design that allows for easy customisation to suit special borehole sizes or test depths.

It comes standard with dual mechanical and electronic chart recorders. When operating it in coal or explosive environments the removable electronic chart recorder and battery pack are quickly detached in minutes. By incorporating a downhole compass in the impression packer we transformed the downhole assembly from expensive steel rods and replaced them with heavy duty high pressure hose on a reel, paving the way for deeper applications ad vastly quicker deployments.

Data Sheet:Mini Frac