d-Exto – Digital Extensometer

YieldPoint’s unique 1 to 6-Point Multiple Rod Extensometer (d-EXTO) combines a traditional Multi-rod design and digital signal processing to result in dramatically improved accuracy and reliability compared to similar priced existing technology. This high precision digital instrument comprises up to six (6) Linear Variable Induction Transducers(LVIT) and an on-board digital temperature sensor.


  • Key Feature: Fully integrated and preassembled borehole extensometer
  • Dimensions: 25mm diameter can be placed in 50mm hole.
  • Dimensions: Up to 6 Anchor points over lengths up to 30m
  • Disp. Range: 125, 150 (standard), 200 and 250mm.
  • Disp. Accuracy: typically 0.5% F.S(<10m) and 1% linearity (>10m). Depends on distance between anchor point and head.
  • Temp. range: -40 to 125 oC
  • Output Signal: RS485 with transmission up to 500m over 2 x tp.
  • Output Signal: Asynchronous serial signal – 9600,8,N,1. ASCII encoded. Values and units transmitted.

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