Gecko Helix 1Hz Seismograph

The Gecko Helix all-in-one seismograph was officially launched at the Asian Seismological Commission conference in Melbourne on 25-27 November 2016. Expanding our range of waterproof seismographs, the Helix integrates a triaxial velocity sensor with a bandwidth of 1Hz-100Hz, which is perfect for local and regional scale earthquake monitoring networks and aftershock deployments. Now with a standard internal battery you can be recording within minutes of arriving at your survey location – simply turn it on and plug in the GPS aerial and you’ll get over 24 hours of recording before you need to connect an external 12V power source to the charge regulator – be it a solar powered system or mains power.

HelixPortable and rugged, the Helix uses the simple LCD and keypad interface for full configuration without the need for a laptop. Data is continuously recorded to a removable SD card in MiniSEED format, and the 32GB storage can store over a year of continuous data at 100sps. Add an Ethernet adaptor or 3G cellular modem to stream data back to a data centre computer that will be running our free Live Stream software application (available for Windows and Linux).

Our brilliantly simple Waves application software is freely available for data viewing and analysis.


Data Sheet: Kelunji Gecko seismographs and accelerographs