Weak Motion Seismometer 3ESP

Guralp 3ESP Compact portable weak motion seismometer for regional earthquake monitoring


The Güralp 3ESP Compact is a development from the well-proven 3ESP seismometer. It is a small, lightweight, broadband, triaxial instrument, offering weak-motion performance, comparable to the 3T, for the price and size of a medium-motion instrument.

The sensor includes motorised locking mechanisms to protect the sensitive components during transport, and the Kelunji EchoPro or Gecko seismographs include controls to lock, unlock and centre these components without the need for a separate breakout box.

There are several Variations of the 3ESP Compact with integrated digitisers. Further information is available in the data sheets.

Data sheets: 3ESPC 3ESPCD 3EX 3ESPCDE