Strong Motion Feedback Accelerometer 5TC

Guralp CMG-5T Compact accelerometer for local earthquake and structural monitoring


The Güralp 5TC is a low-noise, force-feedback accelerometer with a large dynamic range. The 5TC is suitable for seismology, hazard mitigation and civil engineering applications. The 5TC can be connected to a Kelunji Gecko recorder for simple data logging, and it is also available in a number of other packages including for borehole installation.

The 5TC has two sets of outputs. The standard instrument provides both unity gain and 10x gain outputs. As an alternative to the 10x gain outputs, a high-pass filter can be installed with a corner frequency set to the customer’s specification.

Data sheet: 5U 5TC 5TDE 5TCDE 5T Borehole 5T/3T Borehole

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