Short Period Seismograph – Tremor

The Gecko Tremor is an affordable all-in-one sensor and recorder package that is perfectly suited to local earthquake monitoring applications, whether it be adding resolution by filling gaps between broadband stations, or for deploying aftershock monitoring networks. With robust 0.5sec-500Hz sensors, the Gecko Tremor is the most affordable professional grade short period seismograph available.

Data Sheet: Gecko Range


The internally mounted 2Hz triaxial sensors have a wide dynamic range when compared to traditional seismometers, able to record signals up to a clip level of about 254mm/s, ideal for near field blast and vibration monitoring applications. For earthquake monitoring, simply adjust the input amplifier to increase sensitivity with a corresponding reduction in the clip level. To achieve equivalent sensitivity to most short period seismographs, an amplifier setting of x16 will produce an effective sensitivity of 1260V/m/s with a clip level of about 16mm/s.

With a built-in LCD and keypad, setup takes no time and doesn’t require a laptop, phone, tablet, or Bluetooth connection. Simply add a 12V battery and mains/solar power source and you’ll be recording earthquakes and other local vibrations in no time. It even has an extra channel for a microphone input for blast monitoring. Our GeckoLink (Raspberry Pi-based) accessory offers Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and SeedLink server connectivity, providing advanced users with the ability to install their own on-site data processing routines.

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