S-band Weather Radar from EEC


With the ultimate long-range view, the EEC S-Band radar gives you the ability to plan, predict and protect – before severe weather strikes. This massive power makes our S-Band systems ideal for covering huge expanses of land and water, analyzing multiple fronts of heavy precipitation.

Big Weather Needs A Big Radar

Monsoons. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Blizzards. To make the best long-range predictions of the biggest weather makers, you need to have the biggest radar with the lowest attenuation. Both the Magnetron-powered DWSR-8501S and the Klystron-powered DWSR-8501S/K are designed and engineered with an output of 850kW – more radiated power than any other commercially available S-Band weather radar!

Coupled with our super-sensitive IQ2 digital receiver and signal processor for precise data processing, these towering S-Band systems are the best choice for a clean and true picture of multiple, long-range, intense weather phenomena.

Additionally, our turnkey design, manufacturing, and installation processes allow us to configure your S-Band radars to meet your specifications. Among the many options are single or dual-polarity transmitters and a variety of full-featured control and display systems. You can even choose the type of installation and radome that best fits your environmental needs.

Dual-Polarization – The Future Is Here Today

Over 15 years ago, EEC pioneered dual-polarity radar. Today, both of our S-Band models are available with either EEC’s industry-standard single-polarization or with our new, highly advanced dual-polarization system, incorporating features that are years ahead of anything else on the market.

Working with world-renowned experts and the University of Oklahoma, we have developed better algorithms and end-to-end dual-polarization measurements. This not only results in more accurate estimates of rainfall, but also provides better discrimination between different types of precipitation and non-meteorological signals, such as birds, insects, dust storms, or even an approaching tornado’s debris field.

We have also developed proprietary technology to significantly improve clutter suppression performance in our popular and dependable Magnetron systems. The final result is obvious – EEC dual-polarity systems provide the highest resolution data available in the industry.

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