Vibrating Wire Datalogger RT-VLOG

The RT-VLOG is a robust, cost effective, compact and user-friendly datalogger designed to monitor all pluck-type vibrating wire sensors on the market.


The new RT-VLOG is a highly accurate, robust, compact and cost-effective Vibrating Wire (VW) datalogger designed to monitor multilevel piezometers, load cells and multipoint extensometers. Available in 4 or 8 channel configurations, the RT-VLOG is ideal for use in small and medium size projects.

Its non-volatile memory can store over 63,500 records. Each record includes the VW reading and temperature reading with time and date. When the memory is full, recording either stops or overwrites the oldest record. The data stored in the memory can easily be retrieved in Hz and Engineering Units on your laptop via a USB cable. The logger manager software saves all the reading in a text file (CSV), easily imported into your spreadsheet software.

The RTV-LOG is easy to set-up and requires no programming. An optional RS-232 serial connection is available for IP modems, WIFI serial servers, etc. An internal 900MHz Hermes Radio is also available as an option on both the 4 and 8 channel versions to transmit its data wirelessly.

The Datalogger is housed in a water-tight IP 68 enclosure fitted with cable glands for signal cable routing. Plugs are provided for unused cable glands.

One lithium D-Cell battery provides power for 9 years for the 4 Channel Datalogger and over 6 years for the 8 channel RT-VLOG in a moderate temperature, assuming readings taken every hour. The extra capacity battery option (for 3 additional lithium batteries) will extend the battery life in extreme cold weather.