Water Contaminant Detection

Optic EventLab for detection of contaminants in water supplies


The Optiqua EventLab is a real time continuous water quality monitoring system that can be installed as a high-density sensor network throughout a water distribution system. Its generic sensor monitors the full spectrum of organic and inorganic contaminants at a parts per million level of sensitivity.

EventLab employs a single optical sensor without any moving parts or the need for calibration and with no use of reagents or other consumables. It can be installed and accessed for servicing without interrupting the mains flow and may be located on a wall, in a cabinet or in a field enclosure.

The sensor communicates wirelessly with data central servers where Optiqua’s proprietary data processing algorithms are employed to continuously monitor the baseline water composition and detect water quality incidents. Alternatively the EventLab system can be connected to a SCADA.

EventLab Online provides a web-based user interface with an overview of the EventLab sensor network, as well as detailed information per individual sensor unit. The data can also be made accessible through an API data feed.

Data Sheet: Optiqua EventLab