Power Tent

A fold flat solar panel and battery system whose frame forms “tent” to shelter outdoor instrumentation. Designed for portability and rapid deployment, the Power Tent is now available with 40W solar panels and a VRLA battery pack (battery pack version differs from older versions shown in images).


Created with portability and simplicity in mind, the Power Tent is a solar panel, battery and regulator pack that folds flat for storage and transport. The Power Tent uses VRLA batteries, which although heavy are reliable in solar applications. The Power Tent comes with a 40W solar panel and a 29Ah 12V DC battery pack which weighs around 20kg.

When opened, the Power Tent forms a shelter for outdoor instrumentation that can be placed underneath. The battery box includes a solar regulator with a low voltage disconnect (LVD) circuit to ensure the battery voltage does not drop too low and damage the cells. The battery box includes a standard 2.1mm DC power socket that can be charged using an AC-powered DC supply (not included) prior to field deployment, upon which you can connect the solar panel’s DC plug. The battery power output to your load  is provided through a 1 metre long cable that can be terminated to suit your connected device.

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