Portable Water Contaminant Lab

Optic MiniLab – a portable laboratory for detection of contaminants in water samples


MiniLab combines Optiqua’s optical sensor chip with a biochemical interface, providing a non-laboratory based system for rapid identification of pre-defined contaminants in water at a parts per billion to parts per trillion range of sensitivity.  Specific tests can be developed on request for a wide range of contaminants, including for instance specific toxins, pesticides or bacteria.

MiniLab is configured as a complete package including a fluidics system, electronics and analysis and control software.  The system is easy to operate and the compact design allows for on-site analysis.  The sensor chip is housed in a re-usable, disposable cartridge that docks into the MiniLab unit and each cartridge can be used for over 100 tests, thereby minimising costs per test.

Data Sheet: Optiqua MiniLab