Photosynthetic Sensor: Horticultural Sensors from Kipp and Zonen

The PQS 1 sensor is for accurate measurement of Photosynthetic Active Radiation


PQS 1 PAR Quantum sensor is developed for accurate measurement of Photosynthetic Active Radiation. It offers a response with an excellent match to the ideal PAR response. In addition, the optical design of the diffuser offers optimized cosine correction. Designed for continuous outdoor or indoor installation. Perfect for studies of crop growth in greenhouses for example.

Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) has a 400 to 700-nanometer wavelength range. It is an important range as it is the spectrum of light that plants use for photosynthesis. Using Solar radiation and artificial light sources, for example, high-pressure sodium lamps, are common sources of Photosynthetic Active Radiation. Regardless of the PAR source, PQS’s sensitivity 1 has been optimised to provide reliable and accurate measurements every time. This is important for horticultural studies and plant physiology monitoring in order to optimise growth and output.

Kipp and Zonen are world leaders in solar irradiance sensors. Their pyranometers and pyrheliometer expertise is distilled into their PQS 1 Photosynthetic Active Radiation sensor.

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