PH-1000L Logging Oxidation Reduction Potential Sensor

Designed to operate on remote power source for long periods of time, the OR-1000L is able to operate long term with minimal field servicing, allowing for unattended operation. Applications include the monitoring of streams and rivers, water and wastewater treatment monitoring, groundwater analysis and industrial water process monitoring – and many more!



Measurement Technique: Platinum electrode with internal Ag/AgCl reference; Field Replaceable electrode

Range: ±1000mV

Accuracy: ±2% Full Scale

Sensor Outputs: Internal Data Logger – serial data via SensorMate software optional adaptor provides SDI12 serial output (3 wire)

Power supply: 8 to 30 V DC (at sensor), or on-board battery pack (option)

Current consumption: Sleep <0.2 mA, logging 20 mA, communicating 30 mA (consumption rates vary depending on parameters selected)

Internal data logger: Non-volatile, battery backed RAM with real time clock

Memory size: 4 Mb capacity, with user-selectable wrap function, typically 250,000 readings. (At 5-minute data for >12 months)

Dimensions (L x OD): 429.5 mm x 47 mm (16.91” x 1.85”)

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