The d1Plucker and d4Plucker are small, low cost unit that instantly convert vibrating wire (VW) transducers such as load cells, stressmeters and piezometers, into d-Tech compatible instruments.

These VW sensors then become compatible with YieldPoint’s data loggers and radios.

1 channel and 4 channel versions are available. d-Plucker enables YieldPoint’s low cost digital peripheral devices to read (d-Reader), store (d-Logger) or transmit (d-Mesh) data from VW sensors.


  • Range (F.S.): 166-2000µs period measurement, Temp: -40 to 125oC
  • Core Technology: 20MHz microcontroller providing 0-5V 500-6000Hz sweep
  • Output Signal: RS485 (9600,8,N,1) ASCII encoded signal comprising: Unique Instrument _ID, Sensor_Type, Temp (oC) and Period (µS) data
  • VW Resolution: 0.1µs with hand held readout.
  • Displ. Accuracy: – better than +/- 1µs
  • Temp. Range: –40 – 125oC
  • Temp. Accuracy: +/- 1oC –Digitally trimmed at 0oC and 25oC
  • Temp Resolution: 0.1oC

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