Broadband Digital Seismometer Certimus

Available from ESS Earth Sciences in Australia only. Certimus is Guralp’s next generation medium motion seismic station with a ± 90° tilt range.


The Guralp Certimus is an all-in-one portable, digital, broadband triaxial seismometer with state-of-the-art communication capabilities suitable for direct burial, surface and vault deployment. It can operate at angles up to 90° from level and has a wide frequency response of 120s – 100Hz.

The Certimus is a low-power seismic station with an Ultra-Low Power mode (<300mW) for power-constrained, stand-alone installations. This reduces the cost and logistical weight of additional equipment such as solar panels or batteries.

Its +/-90 degrees tilt tolerance and adjustable long period corner make the Certimus an ideal instrument for difficult to access locations as well as vaults. It makes research easier, from transportable arrays and rapid response deployments to permanent installations.

The Certimus is available in two variants: Certimus for surface/vault installations and Certimus for direct burial.



Surface Storage Module:

Connects in-line with the GNSS at the surface to provide easy access to data stored on the SD card. There is also the additional option to add Bluetooth connectivity for installation integrity checking without disturbance.

Portable Power Module:

Compact re-chargeable battery pack suitable for direct connection to solar panels. The expected life and power usage are reported via the internal digitiser.

Rugged back-pack:

Protects Certimus during field deployments with additional space for accessories and documentation



  • Local, regional and teleseismic monitoring
  • Temporary deployment in challenging environments or remote areas
  • Rapid deployment for aftershock monitoring
  • Microseismic and induced seismicity monitoring in the hydrocarbon market, e.g. fracture monitoring
  • Geothermal energy production monitoring
  • Permanent or rapid temporary deployment for volcanic unrest monitoring