New EC and Salinity sensor with digital and analogue output

One of the biggest issues with long term field monitoring of electrical conductivity for salinity measurement is reliability. Electrical contact-type sensors are highly accurate, but the exposed contacts foul quickly and produce poor results, requiring regular cleaning to maintain accuracy. This is why our sealed toroidal type EC sensor has been the preferred choice by Australian hydrographers for over 20 years.

With a new digital output (SDI-12) along with the analogue 4-20mA output, the EC1550 is the most robust and reliable EC sensor on the market. In digital mode the sensor uses very little power, and with a reading accuracy of 2% (not 2% of full scale as most sensors are specified) the results are consistent and repeatable. Accuracy of readings is typically below 1% between 10-90% of the full scale range of the sensor, available in a variety of ranges from 0-500µS/cm up to 0-70,000µS/cm.

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