Environmental Product of the Month: Weather Stations

ESS Earth Sciences offers a vast array of weather stations and sensors, ranging from one parameter sensors through to complete weather stations equipped with solar power, data logging and telemetry. The range of parameters available is very broad with tailored accuracy/precision for individual needs.

Rain Gauges can range from general to high precision 0.001mm resolution.
Solar Irradiation readings go from simple to research grade applications.
Wind can be measured for speed and direction or can have advanced 3D capabilities.
Even more parameters are available! Temperature, humidity, dust, snow, barometric pressure and even more can be included in our weather stations.

All-in-one sensors combine affordability with excellent precision and data logging/telemetry capabilities to provide an economical solution to your individual needs.
Basic sensors can start from approximately $1 690.00 – parameters include temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and rainfall.
Standard sensors start from approximately $2 600.00 – parameters include temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure and PM2.5/PM10 dust sensor.

Our weather stations are customisable and capable of suiting a wide variety of environments. A recent project saw the installation of multiple stations in the Northern Territory outback, a harsh environment which our stations were built to endure. The provided units were solar powered with comprehensive data logging and telemetry to a central head office for investigation, analysis and reporting requirements.

Installation of station on a site in the Northern Territory

If you are requiring a custom weather station, contact us today to discuss your specific needs.