SOLYS Gear Drive Sun Tracker

SOLYS Gear Drive is a high end sun tracker for all weather conditions and locations. It builds on the features of the SOLYS 2 and has enhanced capabilities that make it suitable for use with heavy loads and in the harshest climates. It has the power to point accurately at the sun in very high winds, and to break the ice that can build up overnight when the tracker is ‘sleeping’.


The high precision gear drive system requires no regular maintenance and is much more powerful than the belt drive system of the SOLYS 2. The maximum payload is increased to 80 kg and the torque is raised to 60 Nm, allowing SOLYS Gear Drive to carry multiple and/or heavy instruments and other loads. The integrated GPS receiver automatically configures location and very accurate time information upon installation.


Pointing accuracy < 0.1° passive tracking / < 0.02° active tracking (with optional sun sensor)
Payload 80 Kg
Power supply 18 to 30 VDC and 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range, DC -20°C to +55°C (with sun shield upper limit is +60°C)
Operating temperature range, AC -50°C to +55°C (with cold cover up to 20 m/s wind speed,with sun shield upper limit is +60°C)
Mounting base Flat base plate (2 types of tripods available)
Dimensions 50x34x38 cm / 23 kg
Communication interface RS-485, Ethernet and web interface, Windows™ software supplied
Transmission type High precision reduction gear
Power consumption 25 W (reduces to 13 W at night), 150 W (switches on below – 20°C on AC power)