Power Tent

A fold flat solar panel and battery system whose frame forms “tent” to shelter outdoor instrumentation. Designed for portability and rapid deployment, the Power Tent is available in a range of solar panel and battery capacities and chemistries, depending on your application and transport requirements. Initially available with 20W or 40W solar panels and flight-safe NiMH or high density LiFePO4 battery packs, the Power Tent can be customised to your requirements.


Created with portability and simplicity in mind, the Power Tent is a solar panel, battery and regulator pack that folds flat for storage and transport. The Power Tent uses flight-safe Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, but higher density Lithium Ion batteries can be specified where larger power capacities are desired and goods can be transported by land or sea.

The standard Power Tent comes with a 40W solar panel and 324Wh NiMH 12V DC battery pack (typical range 11.4V to 15V DC), but is available with a 20W panel and 162Wh battery pack. The weight of the 40W version is around 11kg, and the 20W version about half that. If Lithium Ion packs are selected, power capacity increases to 384Wh and 192Wh respectively, with an overall weight saving of approximately 20%. If you require different solar panel and battery pack capacities, ESS can customise our design to suit your needs.

When opened, the Power Tent forms a shelter for outdoor instrumentation that can be placed underneath. The battery box includes a low voltage disconnect (LVD) circuit to ensure the battery pack does not drop too low for the regulator to restart charging and is not damaged from over-discharging. The battery box includes a standard 2.1mm DC power socket that can be charged using an AC power supply (not included) prior to deployment, upon which you can connect the solar panel’s DC plug. The battery power output to your load (instrumentation such as a Gecko seismograph) is provided via a separate 2-pin plug, with a matching 1 metre long cable included.

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