Geophone – Blast Monitoring

Our geophones have extended low frequency response to better capture the full spectrum ground motion response of blast and other nearby vibration sources. Our standard low cost 4.5Hz triaxial geophones (yellow case) are perfect for near-field blast monitoring applications, and is even available in a borehole package. The geophone is matched perfectly to our Gecko Compact seismic recorder, for continuous recording so you never miss a thing.


Also available is a geophone with a lower corner frequency of 2Hz and full scale range of 10-ips (254 mm/s). This aluminium cube triaxial velocity sensor is suited to blast monitoring where lower frequency linearity is required. With the further option of 1Hz response you can specify the right response for your application.

Ground spikes are included for easy installation in surface soil, and we can also manufacture a base plate if you need to bolt the sensor down for longer term applications.

For additional sensitivity and lower frequency applications, please browse our range of seismometers. We even have a portable solar powered instrument enclosure for rapid field deployments.

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